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Month: August 2018

How Child Sponsorship Can Be an Alternative to Adopting a Child

In the world’s poorest countries, thousands of children die every day from poverty-related causes. It is estimated that death occurs every four seconds. It is a horrifying thought when most of us in the West have so much.

Some people suggest that a good way of helping is by adopting a child in need. When people adopt a child, a boy or girl can be brought from Africa, Asia or South America to a new life in the United States.

There is a very effective way to help children in need that does not involve such profound and lifelong cultural changes. This way is also very personal and individual and can also lead to a long and loving relationship. It is child sponsorship, which can be an alternative to adopting a child.

Through child sponsorship, a kind person can give a child the chance to live a better and happier life. However, this alternative allows the child to remain in his or her own family, community and country.

Through child sponsorship, children can stay among everything that is familiar to them, including their own language and traditions.

Adopting a child via a cross-continent adoption, of course, can be very successful. Child adoptions are undertaken with great courage and integrity, as the process is usually long and difficult. Adoptions also require great commitment. An adopted child is your child forever, with all the joys, burdens and responsibilities that brings.

Child sponsorship can be an alternative to adopting a child because it is less demanding. Child sponsorship does, however, mean changing a child’s life forever. The sponsor is linked to a particular child through a respected children’s charity.

Over the months and years, the sponsor offers vital financial and emotional support to the chosen boy or girl. The sponsor and the child build a rewarding bond of love and respect as each gets to know the other better.

From the start, the sponsor’s financial support ensures that perhaps for the first time the child has proper nourishment and shelter, clean and safe water, and regular health care.

The alternative of child sponsorship also provides that very important benefit of education and training for the future. Through education, a sponsored child is given real hope for the future.

Instead of growing up without prospects, the sponsored child has the chance to make something of his or her life and to improve the lives of others.

Many sponsored children have become teachers, doctors, and community leaders, giving back even more than they once received. Children sponsored through Christian charities also have the privilege of learning about God and through the gospels understand the faith and love underpinning all Christian works.