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An Easy Guide to Choosing Your Inflatable Kayak

The growing popularity of inflatable kayaks has started to get many new people interested in this highly rewarding sport. The low price points of the new, rugged inflatable models make it much more accessible to get into the water.

But before cracking open that wallet, let´s take just a few minutes to understand the different types of kayaking. For more detail about the Kayak browse this site.

An Easy Guide to Choosing Your Inflatable Kayak

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There are basically 3 chief kinds of kayaking.


For lakes, ponds and slow-moving rivers. A relaxed, non-demanding pace for short distances. This is a low impact form of communicating ideal for novices in addition to anyone seeking to paddle together with their little children.

Many introductory/basic kayaks will serve your requirements here. The marginally wider shape provides additional stability and ease of maneuvering.


As its name suggests this is for those that live near large bodies of water and also urge to kayak over longer distances. Touring kayaks are thinner and longer than kayaks that are opening. This is to permit faster speed and easier movement over longer distances.

The extra length of those kayaks makes them more difficult to turn which is the reason it's suggested to have a rudder or the skeg to help in control and steering.


This is the only class not appropriate for novices. This is a serious holiday and requires a massive investment of money and time. Should you aim to this degree, you will eventually have to put money into a distinctive hard shell racing kayak.