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How to Set Up a Security Camera System in Your Home?

It seems that more and more people are conscious of their safety in their home, lately. This is because they have realized that having a simple alarm system is not enough.

When a house alarm goes off, the police are informed and they will attend the property as soon as they can. Sometimes, by the time the police have gotten there, the damage has been done and the property has been stripped of all the valuables.

There is no evidence because thieves are smart and there are no eyewitnesses because people tend to keep themselves, even when an alarm is going off.

So, what hope do these people have in getting their property back and getting justice? There is a slim chance that they will ever see their items again and they certainly won't get their day in court.

Therefore, people are turning to the option of having security cameras in their home, so that they can collect their own evidence, should their home get broken into.

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If you can't really afford to get a full home-based security system, then don't worry, there are some options open to you. You could have one small camera that is focused on your house, so you can see if someone is trying to get it.

If you don't want to take this option, then you can just buy a dummy camera to act as a deterrent. This is where you buy the base of the camera and install it on the outside of the house. There will be a small flashing red light on the outside of the camera, but that will be the only part of the camera that works.

The camera will not be filming any footage, but the red flashing light will make people think that you are recording. Therefore, a thief might approach the house, see the camera and then pass the house because they don't think it is worth the risk.


If you have bought a state of the art camera system then you will be wondering where you should put the cameras. Some systems will only allow for the use of some cameras and with other systems, you can have as many cameras as you like.

If you have multiple cameras, you will be able to get full coverage in the home and on the property, but if you are restricted with the number of cameras, you should make sure that you can see all entrances into the property, and front and back gates. Then, you should have some cameras inside the house, just in case the thief is smart enough to plan out the blind spots.